Friday, April 29, 2011

The Blade

Alright, I've... had some time to think, to try and understand what's happening, and what's happened.

Total understanding after reflection is of course nonexistent, but... anyway.

As one could guess from the last few updates, I've been omitting a detail, namely what I was talking about with the blood, and a second blade. The details... are questionable at best. I had a moment of... consciousness[?] during one of the blackouts. I don't remember typing that post, but I remember the situation it talks about. The blackout in question picked up a while after the post from the motel, not too clear on how long.

I remember leaving, trying to figure out where I was, but I'm positive I wasn't... conscious, if that's the word, whenever I properly left the area. I'd left all my stuff in the room, probably foolishly, but it was all with me when I came to.

When I came to... I was in the middle of a forest, I think. Not one of those patches of trees you see on the side of a highway, I'm talking about a right and proper forest. Thick trees; even with the light of the moon above it was almost pitch black there. When I came to I was on my knees, curled up around a broken blade. Dark hilt shaped like that of a medieval weapon, like a claymore, murky, rusted blade; a dagger's length, if you wanted to be gracious... complete and utter shit, by any standards. It had a...presence to it, though. Looking at it, I knew it was trash, but at the same kind, it was more than... what it was, if that makes any sense.

Coating the dulled edges of the blade was a dark liquid, somewhat like blood in consistency. Blood's generally red, though; even when clotted and thick in nature, it's not that dark. This stuff was... black, like ink, or oil. No real hint as to where it came from, though; I wasn't wounded, and... as far as I could see nothing else was nearby, let alone injured.

I've been carrying it around for a while, at first it was tucked into my bag, but lately I've fashioned a sort of strap for it so I could wear it under my shirt. I'm not.. really sure why. It's shitty as a weapon, it's... of a questionable nature at best, but... I feel safe with it, I guess.

I haven't seen Him since I found it. I've blacked out a few times, but... I haven't seen anything.

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