Sunday, April 10, 2011


They were everywhere downtown. Operator Symbols, I mean. Spray painted on the walls, carved into the street... a back alley had one painted upon the walls in what I swear had to be blood. It would imply that there are Runners around, but... I didn't see anyone out of the ordinary. Seven didn't see them for what they were, but... I'm starting to worry. How can someone ignore the truth when it is plainly displayed before their very eyes?

There was an... incident. Seven's always been a bit of a wild one when he cuts loose, but.. hasn't been so bad recently. Around the right group of friends, however... my point is, he let HIM in. Hallucinogens... change things. I'm not sure how. he saw Him, then panicked, and I had to step in... morning came, however, and he doesn't seem to remember.

This is all too tiring. I'm worried.


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