Friday, April 15, 2011


I'm sorry.

Shitty opening to my final post, but... what's true is true. To the local Runners I should have reached out to, to those who I'm counting on to see Seven through the coming trial, to Seven himself; I'm sorry.

I've fought long and hard, but... it's not a fight anymore.

Maybe it never was.

I'm not fearless. I'm fucking terrified. I'm no martyr; what I intend to do won't bring about the end of the Slender Man who hunts us. At best I'll buy Seven a bit of time and get him to wake up and see things as they truly are.

I'm not a hero, nor the Hero. This is foolish, this is selfish, but... it's all I can do. I have to swallow my fear and act, because if I don't, it could very well be too late.

-To the Runners, and all those who resist His actions;
     It's a pity I never met any of you. I've followed the blogs, I've learned through your trials, your victories, your losses. I'll take what I know when I leave, but... knowing gives me strength. That I'm not alone, that Seven won't be alone; it's a comfort.

If any of you can find it within your hearts to do what you can, to at least encourage us... him... along the way, that's all I could ever ask. There might not be safety in numbers on the run, but... on here we're only as strong as those supporting us.

-To those who would act against the Runners;
     Shame I never met any of you either. Wouldn't have minded taking a few with me.

-To Him;
     Yeah, I can see you out there. Standing, watching, waiting. You know what's happening, don't you?
Give me a minute, and we can wrap this up...

-To Seven;
     When you can finally see this, this last message, or any of the others I've left here, for what it truly is, I hope you'll accept it as the truth. You're not going mad, not in the usual sense; to know Him is to know the truth that we're better off without; perhaps we're all more Sane than those who don't know that He exists at all.

I'm sorry I'm leaving you, even if you still don't know I exist. We've had a long run together, and there've been some close calls over the years. Once upon a time, you knew, but... well, you'll wake up soon enough if this works.

I do what I do for the future, for your future. Make no mistake, I don't wish for you to become some warrior; run, and survive. Live on, and in turn, help others as I have helped you. If you die before your time... wherever we end up afterwords, I'm kicking your ass.


This is it then. My final words, my will, whatever you would call it. He's getting impatient, perhaps even angry. I'm glad. Work for your reward, you faceless fuck.

I'm leaving my better half in the hands of any who would do what they can to help him. It's time I got this over with.

Goodbye, Seven.
Goodbye, fellow Runners.
Goodbye, pathetic Agents.

Avarus, nisi cum poritur, nil recte facit

Consider this me doing something right.

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  1. a Hero? Want my advice on that?

    Learn how to live with getting your hands dirty, you'll fucking need it.