Sunday, April 24, 2011

Don't know where I am. Been moving for... fuck, when was my last update?

Headed...north? South? I don't know, can't focus long enough to figure it out. Holed up in a shitty motel in the middle of nowhere. Fucking miracle that they had wi-fi at all.

Memory has been going in and out. Don't remember getting here, just a few short bits in between whenever I left home and now. Would you believe that I brought the fucking sword? Yeah, I know... kinda weird. The hell is a sword useful for in this day and age?

Rundown of what I've got on me, mainly shit that was in the bag... "7" threw together. Back pocket with my laptop and some various cords; charger, charger for mandatory and semi-mandatory electronics, ect. Phone, mp3 player, a change of clothes, and my wallet, which was incidentally full of all the money I had saved up in the bank.

Yeah, 7 not only had access to my house, but to my bank account. Great.

Had... about $1,100 when I started out? Down to about... six, seven hundred. Don't remember spending any, and I don't have anything new on me...

"Inventory" ends with the striped hoodie I grabbed on my way out the door, and the katana I picked up at a convention sometime last year. Shitty $70 thing, but it's got a nice edge.

Anyway. I'm going to work on figuring out where I am. Then I'll keep moving. Update... whenever.

I'm alone out here, aren't I?

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