Monday, April 11, 2011


He's outside again. Just standing there, watching. As usual, Seven's asleep. He's taking this all... well. Locking the doors and window but then leaves the curtains wide open.

As secure as he is in here, maybe I can move some stuff around to try and get through to him when he wakes up. Apparently rolling over to see a fucking sword didn't get the message through that shit had hit the fan.

HE's staring. Can't see the eyes, but... well... anyone reading this, if anyone, probably understands.

I'm at a loss for plans. Time is running out, but I'm not seeing a solution. Reaching out to the other Runners might help, but... I've a bad habit for being cryptic with them, if not blatantly hostile. If this had all picked up before new year's I think we would have stood a better chance; they all seemed so more... open then. More hope, less... well, trust seemed more free. Maybe I can try and get a message out to Zeke before it all goes to hell, but... so many of them have their own problems.

Throwing Seven out into already stormy waters just seems like a bad move. At worst, he can't swim. Perhaps just as bad, there might not be any hands willing to pull him out when the time comes.

It's shit, but... what the hell else is there?


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  1. Two nights, maybe three... we're low on time.