Thursday, April 7, 2011


Entry One.

Umn... hello there, internet. Blogosphere. Whatever term would be appropriate?
Hello myself, a likely audience of one? Hell if I know. Anyway, on the off chance that this won't just end up as me ranting to myself, I suppose an introduction is in order, as this post title... somewhat points out.

My name is Seven. Of course, that's obviously just a pseudonym; we all have our reasons for not owning up to our true names on the internet, do we not? Like... I suppose a fair portion of teenagers, I suppose I would say I have two "selves"; the surface, the college student who tries not to step on the toes of others and who does his best to simply get by without too much trouble, and... well, this side. The side that would be creating a blog at one in the morning for the sole purpose of... well, we'll get to that.

I believe that for simplicity's sake, offline life and online life have to be kept separate to some degree; I certainly don't want friends commenting on what's written here, let alone my professors.

Continuing past that small... rant, I suppose, the continuation of the introduction:
As I was saying, I am Seven. I am nineteen years old, and a late-start freshman at a small college in North Carolina, in a fair sized city located on the coast. It's a boring place, but for the time being, it's home. In the five years I've lived here, having moved down from Connecticut, the place has been fairly quiet and uneventful. Storms, fires, robberies and the like, but all in a detatched sort of way; stuff like that happens everywhere, and none of it happens to me.

If viewing the state of things in such an apathetic way makes me an asshole, then so be it.

Moving on.

The actual purpose of this blog is fairly simple; I intend to keep a record of my dreams, whenever I can remember them. I don't think it's too likely that I'll update much, if at all; I'm not exactly a dreamer. Psychologically speaking, I /DO/ dream; we all do, it's part of the sleep cycle. I simply can't recall mine.

This was highlighted rather clearly in a recent assignment from my psychology professor; for a period of two weeks, we were to keep a dream journal, a nightly [or perhaps morning? I for one don't believe I can write in my sleep] record of whatever flights of fancy might drift through our slumbering little minds. Two weeks later, and I handed in a pathetic mockery of the assignment; fourteen entries either made up on the spot or bastardized from dream accounts found across the internet.

Truth be told, it was rather embarrassing, to fail at so simple an assignment. Maybe keeping the blog will help, on the off chance that I might remember something for once. The laptop is always by my bed, with the desktop not so far away, so... I suppose only time will tell.

For the time being, however, I am going to bed. Class in the morning, and all that.


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  1. Could have sworn I closed this when I went to bed... anyway.

    Not doing a full update yet, I'll get to that after class. Just making notes before I forget; that's supposed to be the purpose of this blog anyway.

    Something was... odd last night. Went to bed after I finished the above post, but sleep took a while. Just.. a general feeling that something wasn't as it should be. Still here as of morning, but much more subdued.

    Update due later today.

    To my audience of one,