Friday, April 29, 2011

I stopped to sleep at a small shelter just off the beach. Not like... a homeless shelter, so much as an open area with a roof. More of a shelter from the weather than from anything else. Not really enclosed, but like I said, I've felt safe since I found that blade.

I wasn't asleep for too long, but... fuck, they came out of nowhere. Three men with long coats, each carrying a blunt instrument of some kind; I saw a wooden bat and an iron pipe, I think the third might have had a hammer or something. Muggers I could have understood, but those fucking masks...

Thought I was safe from Him, but apparently not His.

Everything after that... it's a blur. The broken blade I was wearing under my shirt seemed to burn white-hot as they approached, almost begging to be set loose. I... I think I killed one of them. Everything happened so fast, one moment they were closing in and I was racing to get my stuff together and the next... hilt-deep in the chest of the man with the bat. I don't even remember moving, but at that range... looking over his shoulder, I could see the broken blade protruding from his back, already stained a deep crimson.

The sound of breath rattling through a ruined lung.. I don't think I'll ever be lucky enough to forget it. I tore the blade free and started running. I've never been good for endurance running so much as sprinting, but I swear I couldn't slow down until I'd covered what felt like miles. I don't think they followed me, but... this feeling I had at the time, just... just fucking joy. I was happy. The rush of combat, the feel of metal stabbing into someone's flesh, the almost surprised exhalation as the prey becomes the predator...

I don't know if it was me, I don't know if it was that broken blade, but I fucking loved it.

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