Monday, April 11, 2011


Entry Four.

Feeling sick today... skipping classes to just lay around for a while. It's been weird lately. Whenever I wake up there's a fair chance I'll be well rested, or as tired as if I'd skipped sleeping altogether. I think I've started sleepwalking, or something... my computer is on when I wake up, even if I'm positive I shut it down before bed. I've gone from knives under my pillow to waking up with a sheathed katana in bed with me.

Not the worst thing I've ever woken up next to, but...

It just... feels like something bad is going to happen.

Haven't seen the shadow yet today, though.



  1. Update as of 3:11 EST-
    Still feeling like shit. Everything is as I left it, though. Maybe I'm not going crazy after all.
    The alternative isn't really comforting.

  2. All the time what?
    Also, welcome to.. whatever I'm using this for at the moment. Didn't expect to see any signs of life around here.