Friday, April 8, 2011


Entry Two.

Entry two is coming around much sooner than I expected. As I said in my comment on the introduction, last night was... odd. I've always been an insomniac, but something about it just seemed rather... well, I suppose I should explain instead of searching for words that I can't really find.

Given that I'm a bit of an insomniac, as I said, last  night was out of the ordinary. Yes, compared to a normal sleeper it took me a while to fall asleep, but my my standards I was asleep pretty fast. I remember laying in bed thinking that something was just... off. Something was strange, something was different. I can't really describe the feeling, but... imagine that for every day of your life you passed the same crowded mural on the way to wherever you were going. Now imagine that one day, a single figure was missing from it. You might not be able to tell HOW it was different, but you would likely know that it WAS different.

I both fell asleep and woke up in such a state of mind; something was strange, and I didn't know what. After taking time I really should have spent working in class to think about it [the time I didn't spend sleeping, anyway. I don't see how after going to bed early I could have been so exhausted], I think I've figured out what was different. It... actually creeps me out a bit.

I live on the first floor of a small apartment building; I suppose to be fair it's more of a condensed townhouse or something; the word apartment just brings to mind two-room clusterfucks of cramped living. It's a little roomy here, but I digress.

Until recently, there was a tall tree in the small yard area that my bedroom window looks out into. Keep in mind that I'm in coastal North Carolina; the kind of trees you find around here in the more suburban areas aren't your stocky evergreens so much as towering monstrosities with thin trunks, kept trim with no branches save for the very top. Supposed to keep local kids from climbing on them or something, I don't know. Due to the position of the tree, the location of the streetlights, and my habit to sleep with an open window, the tree would always cast a long shadow across my room, a slash of deep black through the dim light of the computer or television, whatever I had on at the time.

Somewhat recently, the tree was removed. Not clear on why, but I assume that the heavy rain and wind had weakened the base. Then again, seeing how long a tree would have to last to grow so tall, I'm probably wrong. Maybe the owner just hated seeing the damn thing. Point is, no tree, no shadow. Logically, that makes perfect sense.

That said, I can't explain why the shadow once more cut across my room last night. Over the time I've lived here I had gotten used to seeing it, so its return didn't really register in my conscious mind. I can only assume it hit my unconscious a little more clearly, hence the weird feeling. Upon coming home after class, I checked the yard through the window; nothing. No new tree, no in progress light or power poles, nothing hanging off my window. Everything looked the same way that it had every day since the tree's removal.

I've got no way to explain it. Maybe someone could have been standing out there, but... that doesn't really make much sense. For one, who would just stand in the yard for so long for no reason? Even a smoke break would at least have someone moving around instead of standing so still. Besides, to cast a shadow like that, a man would have to be fairly thin, and above all else, tall. Like, tall enough to make a professional basketball player look up.

I'm probably just seeing things, I don't know.

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  1. So tired today! Posted this up then took a nice long nap; seems whatever had me down during class carried over. Still feeling as tired as... whenever I went to sleep, which is odd. You'd think being out for a few hours would at least leave me a little rested.

    One dream, but I'll get to that later tonight, or in the morning. Got to take some time to wrap my head around it, and I'm starving at the moment. Getting some food, finding a drink, and relaxing for a bit.

    God, those fucking trees.