Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Where the hell...

Alright. Shit happened, I'll get into that in a minute.

Here's the important bit: I still have no idea where I am. I have a rough idea, and that rough idea scares the fuck out of me.

I stopped at a coffee shop by the beach. Nice waterfront view, wifi, a place to relax and feel safe for a little bit. I started browsing through my computer, since I finally had the time, and I found... messages. Memoirs. Guides, I don't know. 7 left me stuff, I think.

A bunch of links, some confusing rambling, becoming more clear at the end, ect. I've checked out a few of the links, and they all go to blogs like this one, talking about one "Slender Man".

Yeah, joy. I'm being hunted by a fucking memetic legend. I didn't even believe in Mr. Tall Dark and Scary, but He sure as hell believes in me.

So, I'm going through the files, reading one of the blogs, letting Marble Hornets buffer because really, I've nothing else to do in the daylight hours at the moment, when I saw something interesting. Sunset, over the water.






I''m from the east coast. Sun rises over the water, sets over land. I found the beach, figured I'd gone north or south, sticking near the beach.


Apparently, my blackouts had me moving west. California, I assume?

Just fucking wonderful.

As far as the blood goes... still working that one out. I'll go into detail when I can roughly figure out what happened.

I don't think I went and killed someone. You'd remember something like that, right?

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